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At Cohen & Patel, we represent individuals and families dealing with some of life’s most difficult moments. Our firm handles a wide range of legal issues regarding criminal defense, immigration, and family law. Whether you need a competent Montgomery County criminal defense lawyer, are facing a divorce or other family law matters, or are trying to navigate the complicated waters of the immigration system, our firm is here to help. If things feel uncertain for you now, you’re not alone. We’d be honored to shoulder your burdens and advocate for the outcome you deserve. Contact Cohen & Patel today.

Why Our Firm Can Make a Difference

We’re Not Afraid to Fight

We thrive in the face of adversity. We won't hesitate to fight for your best interests, and we will relentlessly pursue a favorable result on your behalf. When you need someone to skillfully defend your rights or the future of your family, reach out to Cohen & Patel.

We Put Your Needs First

We firmly believe in the Golden Rule. We treat you in the same way we’d want to be treated. We will communicate effectively, provide you with personal attention, and offer honest and results-oriented advice tailored specifically to you.

Our Partners

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David J. Cohen, Esq.
David Cohen, Esq
"I’ve served my community, and now I'm ready to serve you."

Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Cohen worked as a police officer in Philadelphia. After being injured in the line of duty, he decided to switch gears and start defending his fellow citizens rather than arresting them. He earned his J.D. in 2007 and has since focused his practice on criminal defense and family law. From his office in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, he represents clients throughout Montgomery County and the surrounding areas of Chester County and Berks County.

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Portrait of a smiling woman, Helee Patel, with long, wavy black hair, wearing a white top and black blazer, standing outdoors with greenery in the background.
Helee M. Patel, Esq.
"As an immigrant myself, I take great pride in helping individuals and families get relief and legal status within the United States."

Ms. Patel is a seasoned immigration attorney with a focus in removal proceedings, family-based petitions, bond applications, appeals, and various visa processes. Ms. Patel is fluent in English, Gujarati, and conversational Hindi and offers insights from her personal immigration journey, passionately assisting others with their legal needs. Her comprehensive grasp of immigration laws, political intricacies, and bureaucracy ensures effective representation for clients.

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Our Criminal Defense Practice

From drug possession and domestic violence to DUIs and shoplifting, we help clients facing a wide range of problems.

Immigration Law

Here at Cohen & Patel, we don’t just see cases; we see dreams. Passionately guiding our clients through their immigration journeys, we’re committed to turning aspirations into realities. Your path to a new beginning starts here, and we’re honored to walk beside you, every step of the way.

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Family Law

Family law issues, such as divorce, are especially personal. You want to be sure your interests are protected while also protecting those of your children. Cohen & Patel is here to help you seek a solution that benefits everyone involved.

What Our Clients Say

I’ve got to admit that the experience I’ve had with the firm has been great! Attorney Patel has been such a great help to us and her knowledge and honesty are what we love. Highly recommend this firm for immigration and legal needs.

— Carmen L.

I highly recommend David. He handled every aspect of my divorce with professionalism. He treated me with respect and was sensitive to my concerns during an uncertain time in my life.

He was very responsive to my myriad of questions and concerns. He was very focused on achieving the best outcome for me. I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you for all of your hard work, David.

— Jill

Attorney Patel was great in handling my case. Everything was filed promptly and smoothly, definitely would recommend them.

— Jose A.
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