David J. Cohen, Esq.

David J. Cohen, Esq., was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He played all sports, including soccer, football, baseball, hockey, and basketball, emphasizing soccer and football. David Cohen loves Anime, has one daughter, and always loves fighting for what is right.

David Cohen’s entire life has always strived to be unique and forthcoming, and he has an insatiable desire to learn, investigate, and fight for what is right. This is why David Cohen became a Professional Philadelphia Police Officer and served in the Military, the Army National Guard, and the Mechanized Infantry. He became an Attorney, eventually opening up his own Law Firm. David Cohen served as a Special Assistant Public Defender and District Attorney. David Cohen knows both sides, which is a benefit to all clients. David Cohen is also an MCAP Pro Bono Attorney who represents abused children. Not once did David Cohen do anything or become an Attorney for money. David Cohen went into the legal field to fight for what is right and provide reasonably priced and formidable representation. This is why David Cohen eventually opened his own Law Firm. Too many others want payment and treat clients as numbers, not people. Yes, payment is a part process of procuring legal representation. David Cohen’s clients need help and real advocacy, not just a number and payment. David Cohen’s tenacity with his Pre-Trial investigations and Pre-Trial Motions produced numerous superior outcomes for his clients.

David Cohen resides in Pennsylvania with his Law Firm in Pottstown, Montgomery County. He is very approachable and is just like you—no different. David Cohen enjoys weightlifting, boxing, martial arts, biking, fishing, target shooting, and anime in his spare time.

If you need representation in Pottstown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, also the surrounding counties [Berks, Bucks, Chester, and other Counties] where you have been criminally charged, seeking child custody, child custody dependency case, a divorce [mutual or contested], or pursuing or defending a Protection from Abuse claim, then contact David Cohen.

Cohen & Patel is Small with Formidable Representation.

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