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Cohen & Patel is your trusted legal companion. With a foundation built on integrity, proficiency, and genuine empathy, we embark on a mission to guide you through life’s most complex challenges. Our law firm, based in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and led by experienced attorneys, stands as a pillar of support in matters concerning criminal defense, family law, and immigration law. Contact our team for guidance through each step of your legal matter.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cohen & Patel Law

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Q: What are Cohen & Patel’s practice areas?
A: Cohen & Patel Law Firm offers services in criminal defense, immigration, and family law, addressing a wide range of issues within these domains to support individuals and families during challenging periods.

Q: Who are the partners at Cohen & Patel?
A: David J. Cohen, Esq., with a background in criminal defense and family law, and Helee M. Patel, Esq., focusing on immigration law, both bring significant experience and a personal approach to their practice. Before practicing law, David J. Cohen served as a Philadelphia police officer. An injury in the line of duty led him to switch careers, and he now applies his insights to defend clients. As an immigrant herself, Helee M. Patel has a personal connection to her work, focusing on complex immigration issues and bringing a deep understanding of the law and empathy to her clients.

Q: Where is the firm located?
A: The firm is located at 2047 E High St, Pottstown, PA 19464.

Q: What are the firm’s business hours?
A: The firm can be reached 24/7.

Q: How can I get in touch with the firm?
A: You can contact the firm either online through their website or by telephone at (215) 585-2993.

Q: What is the firm’s approach to criminal defense?
A: Cohen & Patel are dedicated to vigorously defending their clients against a variety of criminal charges, including assault, DUI, drug crimes, and more, aiming to pursue favorable outcomes with determination.

Q: How does the firm assist with immigration law?
A: The firm passionately works to turn immigration aspirations into realities, offering services for family and employment immigration, fiancé visas, naturalization, and defense against deportation, among others.

Q: What family law services does Cohen & Patel provide?
A: They handle sensitive family law matters, such as divorce, child custody, and support, aiming to find solutions that protect the interests of their clients and their children.

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