If you are currently lawfully residing in the United States, you’re most likely looking to continue to do so. Unfortunately, certain actions and/or circumstances may warrant your deportation. For this reason, you should continue reading and reach out to a knowledgeable Montgomery County immigration lawyer for some important tips for avoiding deportation. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What Are Proactive Measures for Avoiding Deportation?

Several proactive measures can significantly impact an individual’s ability to avoid deportation:

  • Stay Informed About Your Legal Status: Always be aware of your visa or residency status expiration dates.
  • Avoid Legal Troubles: Engaging in criminal activities is a surefire way to attract deportation proceedings.
  • Regularly Consult With Your Attorney: An immigration attorney can offer personalized advice and keep you updated on relevant legal changes.
  • File for Relief or Protection When Eligible: Various forms of relief, such as asylum, adjustment of status, or cancellation of removal, may be available.
  • Maintain a Strong Community Connection: Evidence of your ties to the community can be beneficial during immigration hearings.
  • Keep Documentation Updated and Organized: Having your documents in order can be invaluable, especially in legal proceedings.

Can Adjusting Your Status Help?

Adjusting your immigration status can provide a powerful shield against deportation. For those eligible, adjusting to a lawful permanent resident status under Section 245 of the INA can offer significant protection. This adjustment is particularly relevant for individuals who entered the U.S. legally and meet other specific criteria, such as marriage to a U.S. citizen or an employment-based petition.

Why Is Legal Representation Crucial?

Legal representation is indispensable. An experienced immigration lawyer understands the nuances of the law, including the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and various defenses against deportation.

They can navigate the intricacies of cases involving Section 237(a), which lists the grounds for deportation, and Section 212(a), detailing inadmissibility reasons. Thus, securing a knowledgeable attorney is the first critical step.

If you have further questions about how to best avoid deportation from the United States, or if you are currently facing deportation proceedings and need a competent team of immigration lawyers to represent you, please don’t hesitate to speak with Cohen & Patel.

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